It's Safe To Get Your Sweat On

Whilst many members have returned to club to get their fitness routines back on track, it seems that a great number of fitness fanatics are feeling cautious about getting back into the gym.

Down Under, Fitness Australia collected data showing over 6.26 million check-ins across 423 gyms, with no recorded transmission of COVID-19. These figures have led Fitness Australia to declare that there is now clear evidence gyms are not hotspots for the transmission of COVID-19.

In Europe so far, no major outbreak has been linked to gyms, pools or other indoor sport venues, which are all subject to heightened hygiene and distancing guidelines. The fact that those countries who have allowed gyms to reopen have reported no increase in Coronavirus infections, suggests that getting back to the gym is perfectly safe.

And we agree. 

The idea of sweating amongst others in an air conditioned studio may bring on the fear factor for some, though our health clubs have been kitted out to the highest standard to ensure you get your workouts done safely. 

A trip to the supermarket will see the average person be in close contact with more people than you would in the gym. Narrow aisles make social distancing more difficult and items that have been handled are not disinfected. 

When hitting the gym on the other hand, you'll have the protection of a spacious environment for adequate social distancing, perspex screens separating you from others and regular disinfecting of all high-touch surfaces using powerful cleaning technology. 

Shops have now relaxed their one-in, one-out system, making planning a safe shop a little more tricky. Unless you're happy to stock up on essentials right before closing, or brave the queue as soon as doors open, you'll not know how many people you're likely to interact with on any given day. 

Our members have access to a real-time capacity checker via their online member's area and the Village Gym app, allowing you to see just how busy your club is before you head on over for your workout. The feedback we've received has been impressive, with many members who had previously felt nervous about coming back to club, doing so with the reassurance that we are taking social distancing seriously.

A few safety measures we've put in place include:

  • A redesigned gym floor to space out cardio and resistance kit.
  • Floor markings in weight areas and class studios to help keep your distance. 
  • Electrostatic cleaning technology to keep all kit disinfected regularly.
  • A new, easy to use booking system to control usage levels in the pool and class studios.

Rather than adding to the spread of COVID-19, gyms actually play a vital role in helping keep your immune system strong and able to protect against infection. So there's no need to fear your fondness for fitness. Come on in, we've got you covered. 

For full details on how we're working hard to keep your club safe, check out our safety updates...



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