Lockdown on Leisure is Lifted!

As lockdown measures of varying levels have been reintroduced across areas of the country, we understand that some of you may be feeling a little unsure as to whether it’s still safe to be getting your fitness fix at the gym.

The government decision to close gyms in Merseyside served as a massive blow to those who rely on the gym to boost their physical and mental well being, and rightly so, the fitness fanatics of Liverpool had something to say about this! Thanks to the efforts of the fitness community and the immense backing by gym goers in their thousands, the decision was U-turned by the government. This decision confirms just how important gyms are in the community and that the safety measures they’ve put in place since reopening, are effectively keeping COVID at bay.

The latest UK statistics show no scientific basis for the closure of gyms, however there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to show the potential damage to the mental and physical health of the nation, should gyms be off limits once again. If the back and forth of government decisions regarding the closure of gyms has shaken your confidence- we’re here to reassure you that your dedicated Village Gym teams are doing everything possible to put your safety first!

Here are just a few reasons to keep on smashing your fitness goals at Village Gym!

Winter is coming...
With Winter fast approaching, the bright evening runs and outside workouts that kept us going through the Spring lockdown will become a lot less appealing. When temperatures start to reach single figures and miserable, rainy days become commonplace, don’t let the weather affect your motivation to move! Come in from the cold and take a dip in our heated pools or get your heart racing at one of our many socially distanced classes- fitness shouldn’t be a chore!

Building more than just biceps
Keeping your immune system fighting fit is more important now than ever. Gyms around the country are playing a vital role in helping to get the nation fitter and better prepared to fight off the virus as we head into Winter. Every visit to the gym is an investment in your health, because after all, nothing is more important.

Working from home blues?
For many of us, working from home has become the norm, and at times it can feel very isolating without the company of your colleagues, staring at the same four walls of our home offices. Break the monotony and head down to the gym where you’ll be greeted by the friendly faces (albeit behind a mask) of your Village Gym fitness team. Smash out a workout and return to your desk feeling energized to crack on with your work day ahead or why not wind down in the evening with a relaxing swim, steam and sauna session!

A much needed stress buster!
With everything going on in the world right now, the ripple effects of the pandemic have left many of us feeling more tired and stressed out than ever! Studies over the years have shown that beyond its many physical benefits, exercise is super effective in relieving stress and anxiety. As well as building those biceps, hitting the gym will help you build the emotional resilience you need to tackle everything life has to throw at you!

Here’s a reminder of everything we’ve put in place to make your Village Gym visit as safe as possible-

  • A redesigned gym floor to space out cardio and resistance kit.
  • Floor markings in weight areas and class studios to help keep your distance.
  • Electrostatic cleaning technology to keep all kit disinfected regularly.
  • A new, easy to use booking system to control usage levels in the pool and class studios.

For full details on how we're working hard to keep your club safe, check out our safety updates...


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