How To Tell If You're Making Progress At The Gym

Sometimes, slogging away in the gym for weeks on end can leave you feeling a little frustrated when the results fail to show. Despite what you might hear, a few days of fitness isn't going to produce a total body transformation. However, changes are happening. Rather than rely on those bathroom scales to tell you if you're making progress, try a few other tactics and you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

We caught up with Personal Trainer, Alice for some insight into signs you're moving in the right direction...

"There are a few ways of making progress and noticing those changes.. not just seeing a number on a scale!"


If your favourite jeans are getting a little loose or your Saturday night shirt seems to fit less snuggly,you are making progress. It will be difficult to notice it just by looking, but those inches lost make a different when you're wearing your usual clothes.


Alice advises that you take full body measurements at the start of your fitness journey. It's the best way to see your progress which in turn will motivate you to stay on track. 

Keep regular records of your arm, thigh and waist measurements to see how far you've come. 


We hate to disappoint, however big biceps don't always mean added strength. You'll know if you've increased your muscle mass when you notice you can lift heavier weight, with more reps. Continue to push yourself with additional reps, added weight and longer sets to keep your body working to it's best.


You know those days when you spring out of bed with a zest for life, ready to take on the day? You'll notice you have those kinda days more often! If your energy levels are increasing, your fitness plan is working. 


Feeling more confident? Rocking a positive outlook? That'll be the feel-good hormones that come from a good workout session. Not only does the energy boost you get from your regular workouts help you to feel more positive, you'll feel more motivated, more confident with your body and overall, much happier. Win!


In the beginning, hitting the gym was a chore that usually came very low down on your priority list (underneath catching up on Love Island, organising your sock drawer and mastering the art of procrastination). If you've established a routine and find that your workouts are more consistent, then congratulations... you've made fitness a part of your lifestyle!

Set yourself some short, mid-term and long term goals to keep you inspired, and to avoid your workouts becoming a little humdrum. 

Need a little support?

If you have goals but no idea how to achieve them, our Personal Training team can help.

Bournemouth members can work with Alice to plan their fitness journey, with regular monitoring and bags of motivation to ensure you find a workout that works for you.

Catch up with Alice on Instagram or chat with her in club. Alternatively, book a consultation with a Personal Trainer at any of our clubs and let's get you started on smashing those goals. 


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