It’s that time again where the nights are getting darker and the shelves are stocking with treats. It’s time to get your spook on!

And while we also love a cosy night in with extra blankets (to hide from the bumps in the night), we thought now would be a great time to highlight the horrors on the gym floor and potentially provide some advice on how best to manage the Twilight zone that is the gym…

Picture this: it’s your first time entering the tall gym doors. The atmosphere is dark, the music is pounding, and you’re already starting to sweat. There’s mirrors coating the walls and you’re surrounded by machines you’ve never heard of before. There's a bang in the distance, the race of feet on a treadmill, the grunt of a muscular man...

What’s your next move?

Many newcomers start their gym journey with the right intentions, but often a lot are spooked by the overwhelming sense of gymtimidation on their first visit.

These anxieties are numerous but by far the most common are a fear of judgement paired with the stress of not knowing where to start. And hey, that’s only normal.

You’re a new space for one. Surrounded by a large selection of large equipment that you likely don't really know how to use.

Additionally, you’re potentially starting alone so not only are you faced with this entirely new layout of unknown machines, you also don't have someone with you to lighten the load. 

If this was a horror film, you’d the character who goes into the silent basement. Alone and unprepared...

It's no wonder you're on the backfoot! But hey, who said this is a lone strike, get your backup!

In this situation, you want to be sweating but make sure it's for the right reasons. A really easy way to get rid of the first day jitters is by bringing a bud to face down the gym floor with you. This way, not only will you have the support to make everything feel less overwhelming, you’ll also be more likely to maintain a session that actively helps you achieve your goals. You’ll be pushing beyond your comfort zone but within the safety of a mini team.

Not got someone in mind? Not to worry! We've got the best team to help support you throughout your whole fitness journey. If you're looking for an extra push or a plan of attack, it might be worth considering enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer. Highly qualified on all our gadgets, PTs will spend time getting to know you, your goals, and your current lifestyle. It'll be like having your own private cheerleader. This way, you both work together towards achieving results. Afterall, teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Perhaps you’re thinking more along the lines of the Blair Witch Project in the sense of a group effort. Safety in numbers. Smart...

The best way to join the hoard, to find your team, might be through booking yourself onto one of our amazing group classes. The choice which depends entirely on you.

If you really want to get your blood pumping, you might want to look into joining a spooky spin class. Suitable for beginners and the slightly more experienced riders, indoor cycling offers a highly effective cardio and strength workout. Put your pedal to the medal and ride in time to the beat of your favourite workout tunes. Consider it prep for a zombie attack, they’d never be able to keep up!

Another great option might be Boxercise. Not only will you be upping your cardio game, you’ll also become stronger through intense and rigorous pad work. With punches and kicks, you’ll soon be fighting fit and ready to tackle any bad beasties. Beyond that though, Boxercise isn't just about the offence, you’ll also be learning how to get to grips with technical defensive techniques such as bobbing and weaving. So you’ll be totally prepared for any nightmarish attacks, and you’ll look absolutely amazing!

If you’re more of a lover than a fighter, you could commit to the slinky abilities of a black cat in a Yoga class. More chill and relaxed, these sessions involve a combination of physical and mental exercises to help improve your posture, strength and flexibility (super handy if you ever need a particularly good hiding spot!) But Yoga isn’t just about looking graceful, the poses will really help strengthen your core and your focus. You could soon become like a silent ninja.

Regardless of how you manage your fears this Spooktober, don't let them hold you back. All it takes is a little bit of confidence and trust us, you're stronger than you think.



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