Step Aerobics For Weight Loss

If you're on a weight loss mission, pounding the treadmill isn't enough to kickstart your body's fat burning potential. Which is why many members love to join in on regular fitness classes to work the whole body in one handy 45 minute session.

Step aerobics is a great way to add a little boost to your fat burning plan.

An 80's trend that's stood the test of time thanks to it's high energy, calorie-blasting benefits, you'll perform step ups, over and around an adjustable step to the beat of motivational for a total body workout. 

Whether you're just getting started on a weight loss journey, or have hit a plateau and need to inject some fire into your fitness, adding a Step Aerobics class into your weight loss training plan is a great way to sculpt and slim the body. 

We take a look at why...

A Workout You'll Love

A group fitness class like Step Aerobics feels more like fun than a workout. Surrounded by your fellow fitness fanatics, you'll move to motivational beats and get your body blasting calories without the boredom!  What's not to love about that! Got 20 minutes? Take on this calorie blasting HIIT Step workout! You'll need a step... and space to manoeuvre. 

Big Up The Burn

Step aerobics gets the heart pumping and helps to boost the body's metabolism... helping you to burn fat. The more you can keep that metabolism ticking, the better your potential for weight loss.

Plus, the movements used in our step aerobics classes are designed to increase muscle mass, helping your body to burn even more calories, therefore reducing your waistline. 

"I love step classes. I can tell I've had a really good toning session, it's always a good laugh and I've noticed an improvement in the strength of my thighs and glutes." (Blackpool Step Aerobics Fan)

Tone and Trim

If you're hitting the treadmill or cross trainer in a bid to lose weight, you'll certainly torch calories, though it will take much longer to see physical changes.

As our Step Aerobics class works the whole body, you'll see a visible change in your physique, with tighter abs, more toned thighs and a trimmer waist. Once you start to see the weight loss results, you'll be more motivated to keep at it.  

"My thighs look way more toned and my butt is lifted. I do cardio sessions in the gym and a step aerobics class once a week. I can really see the difference in my body shape as the weight comes off."  (Village Gym Step Class Fan)

Up Your Cardio Game

By increasing your cardio fitness, you'll improve your body's stamina, allowing you to workout for longer and at a higher intensity. The harder you work, the more fat you'll torch.

Our Step Aerobics classes are designed to work for all fitness levels. So whether you're a newcomer or a step aerobics star, you can make this class work for you.

Up the ante by raising the height of your step, for bigger calories burns. Or, if you find the class a little challenging, lower your step, reduce your reps or get to grips with the step techniques without it - just ask your instructor to modify the movements whilst you find your feet. 

Work The Whole Body

A good weight loss training plan should feature exercises that work all key muscle groups. You're unlikely to see a huge impact in your weight loss by only targetting one area.

Our step aerobics class will work a number of major muscle groups, to add lean muscle mass and help you on your way to a slimmer physique.

Core: All that stepping will require balance and good posture, so as your body learns to maintain it's balance, you'll get a great core workout for stronger abs and a trimmer waist.

Legs: Get ready to work your calves, quads, and hamstrings. All key to adding lean muscle for extra fat burning potential. The stronger your leg muscles, the longer you will be able to work out at higher intensities. 

Glutes: Step Aerobics is a surefire way to get a lifted, more toned butt. As you continue to shed the pounds, you'll sculpt a sleeker silhouette. 

Back: Anyone carrying a little excess weight will know the suffering that comes from back pain. Ouch. Step aerobics is a great way to strengthen weak back muscles, preventing you from injury and helping to correct your posture for a taller, more toned look. 

Ready to get stepping? Book your Step Aerobics class online or grab yourself a step to join in with live and On Demand classes from home.


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