Step Workouts At Home

Whilst isolating at home, it can be tough to recreate your usual fitness routine without your usual gym kit. So, if you're in need of a full body workout that keeps the variety coming, all you need is a step! 

If you don't have a workout step, you can enjoy some of the benefits of a step workout by using the bottom step of your stairs. Though we'd recommend buying one to ensure you get the full benefit from your session. 

We take a look at the ins and outs (and er, ups and downs) of a step aerobics workout at home, to give you a little insight into what's in store and ensure you're ready to get stepping...


Step aerobics made it's mark in the 80's, around the time we were all wearing leg warmers and neon sweat bands. Though it's stood the test of time thanks to it's high energy, calorie-blasting benefits, and is now a staple amongst fitness fans across the world who love a fun, full body workout.

Throughout a step aerobics session, you'll perform step ups, over and around an adjustable step to the beat of motivational music. 

You'll focus on working a number of major muscle groups, including the core (for tighter, stronger abs and back), legs (for firmer thighs and glutes), plus get your arms involved for extra toning potential (to banish those bingo wings!)


That's OK.

Step Aerobics is designed to work for all fitness levels. 

If you find an online step class a little challenging, you can lower the step, reduce the number of reps or get to grips with the step techniques without the step during your first session.


If weight loss is your goal, you picked a good workout to help get you there. Step aerobics gets the heart pumping and helps to boost the body's metabolism... helping you to burn fat. The more you can keep that metabolism ticking, the better your potential for weight loss.


Whether you're eighteen or eighty, step aerobics makes for a great full body workout. If you have any medical conditions or injuries, ask us on social media how to modify any movements to make them more comfortable. 

Make your step workout work for you - feel free to increase or decrease the height of your step if needed, or perform fewer reps if certain moves are a little challenging. 

All you've gotta do is step!

Regular Step Aerobics has also been proven to improve your decision-making skills, stepping reaction time, single leg stance and the time it takes to rise up from a seated position.


So, your rhythm is a little out of sync. Fear not. The moves you'l perform during a step aerobics workout will help to strengthen the core, allowing you to balance better and improve co-ordination. Once you get to grips with the basic step exercises, you'll find your body moves in ways it never did before. You'll have better control over movements, improved foot co-ordination, and you'll be throwing shapes made for the dancefloor!


Knee pain? Arthritis? Weak joints?

If you have knee pain or a knee injury, taking a Step Aerobics class could put extra pressure on the knees, which may cause discomfort.

That said, you can always enjoy a Step Aerobics workout without using the step. You'll enjoy similar leg strengthening benefits, without the harsh impact on your knees.

Got 20 minutes? Take on this calorie blasting HIIT Step workout! You'll need a step... and space to manoeuvre.

Stepping up your home workouts? Send us some snaps on Instagram and let's see you stepping!


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