Lockdown Fitness Motivation

We hear you. Locked up indoors in the middle of winter, at home with the family all day takes it toll. Finding the motivation to squeeze a home workout into your day can be tough.

Without your favourite Village Gym fitness classes to look forward to, and the camaraderie of your fellow members, it can be all too easy to plan that workout in for 'tomorrow'. 

The comfort of the sofa seems much more appealing after a hard day's graft at the kitchen table. So let's switch up that mindset and dig deep for some motivation through the power of positive thinking...

No time? Work schedule too busy? A whopping 90% of us find excuses for ducking a gym session, with 'limited time' being one of the top reasons to bail. Though whilst we're at home in isolation, we have more time than ever before. 

You'll get a good, well-rounded full body workout done within an hour. So change your mindset from worrying about what little time you have... to making the most of the extra time you have to work out! If you had just one hour to maximise your fitness goals, how would you approach it? Make it happen!

It's a stressful time for millions, though if you're feeling uncomfortably stressed, a workout is proven to relieve tension and anxiety!

The body likes to move. It’s what keeps it performing at it’s best, plus your workout will increase blood flow around the body, including the flow to the brain. The results? Less sluggishness, better focus, concentration and more positive thoughts! It's a cycle of happiness!

Once the world returns to full health, we'll be back to our usual lives, complete with plenty of social interaction after months of isolation. When you hit the beach/bar/best friend's wedding, you won't want to be filled with regret that you didn't try harder to reach your fitness goals.

Don't wait for regret! Work on it now! Swap your thoughts from how hard it feels now... to how great you'll feel later!

Social distancing has no boundaries online! If you're in need of a motivational boost from your bestie, start a group WhatsApp video call and work out together in the virtual sense!

Studies have shown that working out with a buddy can improve your performance, endurance and weight loss results.

So use your buddy to your advantage... take an online fitness class at the same time, try a head to head fitness challenge on our YouTube channel or test each other with mini fitness battles! Your workout will see a huge increase in positive vibes!

Only managed half of that online fitness class?  That's 50% more than you would have before.

Only lifted 10 reps instead of 15? That's 75% of your goal. Celebrate the small stuff. Your body is an amazing machine. So quit focussing on what it didn't do, and start celebrating what it did. Small gains add up to big wins!


That 20lb barbell is still going to be 20lb tomorrow. And that 30 minute workout will still take 30 minutes.  The weights don't get lighter, the workouts don't get easier... you get stronger.

Focus less on making your workout easier, on more on making yourself harder! Challenge yourself to go a little further each week. Add a little more weight, take a longer on-demand class... you'll soon see just how much you've progressed. 


  • Keep a photograph of something that motivates you. A picture of the beach you're planning to hit, the finish line of the marathon you plan to run, or that pair of jeans you plan to buy! Every time you see it, you'll get a reminder of why you need to keep up those home workouts.
  • Motivation is contagious. Seeing others dedicated to achieving their goals should help your mind to focus on doing the same. Follow Instagram influencers you admire, check out online fitness groups for inspiration or join a group on demand class.
  • Measure everything! Not in an obsessive way (no-one wants to read about the ins and outs of your lunchtime macros on Instagram). But by documenting your activity, you can see your progress at a glance. Our MyZone belt records MEPs, tracking effort levels and heart rate. A great way to remind yourself of just how far you've come.
  • Perfect that playlist! Research shows that elements of music can switch on our positive mindset (in the same way that your favourite songs make you feel good). Music can also distract us from discomfort. This is why many top athletes enjoy a spot of music to psych themselves up before competing.  How to choose your tunes:
    • Choose music that goes hand-in-hand with the mental state you want to achieve. For example, fast, loud, hard beats are great for psyching yourself up.
    • Match the speed of the music and the rhythm with the movement. If it’s a dance inspired workout, choose a dance track you can step to. If it’s a yoga session, opt for a more chilled sound.
    • Positive, affirmative lyrics, e.g. “do it”,  “move it” or “push it” are proven to boost motivation.
    • Try using a song with a faster pace than your usual comfort zone to help you stretch to reach new fitness targets.

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