Sweatworking... The New Networking?

The pandemic has shifted the way we connect with our colleagues. Work becomes a workout with the latest trend to hit the fitness scene...sweatworking.

Forget meeting over lunch or after work drinks, business professionals are getting together over a spot of exercise. For working professionals, talking shop whilst burning calories has become a great way to integrate work into their fitness routine. Bringing work into your workouts can show a sense of passion and dedication to your work goals, and your fitness goals.

No tempting trays of canapes to sway us from our squeaky clean diets, no open bar to cloud our judgement or turn the conversation off tangent. Just you and your colleagues, getting down to some productive business chatter on the gym floor.

Sweatworking is a great way to get your colleagues bonding, and is fast becoming a popular choice for teambuilding, as employers strive to inject more fitness into the workplace

Whether its a private exercise class, a group personal training session, or a workout followed by a saintly salad in the Village Pub, we're taking brainstorming out of the boardroom and getting our fitness kicks too.

Popular choices for business professionals are spin classes, great for bringing a little healthy competition to the mix, or yoga, the perfect way to wind down and relieve the stress of the day. 

So the next time you're stuck for somewhere to crunch numbers, suggest a fitness-fuelled meeting to maximise your time, and your productivity! Get your sweatwork on...

Ask us about our Village Business Club and our meeting spaces... the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing.


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