Switching Up Your Gym Routine

Have you found yourself stuck in a rut, bored of the gym and struggling to find the motivation to get yourself through the doors? We have all been there. Consistency is key when it comes to smashing your fitness goals but that doesn't mean to say you can’t switch your routine to avoid hitting a plateau in your training.

A plateau happens when you have been doing the same workout for a significant amount of time and your body beings to adapt, you will therefore start to notice a decrease in your results and performance. Fear not, overcoming the plateau is pretty achievable by switching up your routine and challenging your body to something new.

Signs it’s time to change your routine:

  • You're bored
  • Your workout no longer challenges you
  • You have lost all motivation
  • You are getting injured more often
  • You aren't noticing any changes

How to change your gym/workout routine

Try a new class, a new piece of kit, or even something as simple as changing the tempo, your rest time, reps and weight.

If you don't know where to start when it comes to switching it up, our personal trainers are full of expert knowledge and can create a tailored plan that works for you, recommend new classes and kit to use that will still keep you on track to reach your goals.

Change the frequency

Change how often you workout each week, for example, if you usually hit the gym four times a week why not try just 3 times a week instead, give yourself more rest days and work harder on the days you do hit the gym.

Change your exercises

We get it, It's so easy to get into the habit of hitting the gym and doing the same old routine that you are comfortable with. Many gym-goers don't even realise they are hindering themselves rather than helping by repeatedly working the same muscles as this can lead to a plateau as your body begins to crave a challenge.

Adding variety into your workout routine is a great way to avoid a plateau and gain some much-needed motivation to get yourself to the gym! Our classes are a great way to find something new and fun to incorporate into your daily workout routine. Usually a yoga bunny? Then why not try Tai Chi or Pilates. If you normally hit the spin bikes then take a look at the immersive cycling experience by Les Mills, THE TRIP.

If cardio is your thing then push yourself with our bespoke Burn class that has 7 different focuses, working out your full body! If high energy is your thing then don't worry we got you, our Body Combat and Sh’bam classes will get your heart pumping so you cant burn calories whilst having fun!

Up the intensity

Changing the intensity is a simple way of creating a change and pushing your boundaries! It is important to remember the intent is to keep your body guessing, this doesn't mean you have to go crazy!

A great way to up your intensity is by adding power into your movement, for example, an ordinary squat can now become a jump squat, your lunge can become a jump lunge. You can also increase the number of reps you are doing so instead of doing 3 sets of 8 repetitions, try 4 sets.
If you have been lifting the same amount of weight for a long period of time and it seems to be much easier, why not add a little more and see how your body responds or if you don't fancy upping the weight why not see how many reps you can get in with the same amount of weight, in the same time period by upping your speed. Add variation into your strength-building routine by introducing compound movements such as squats and lunges into your weight training and really feel that burn!

Workout with a friend

Getting yourself a gym buddy is a great way to gain motivation, not only is great to catch up with your bestie and have a good old chinwag. It also helps you stay accountable because let's face it we are all guilty of skipping the odd gym session every now and again. Therefore making a commitment with your friend will leave you less likely to come up with excuses as
nobody wants to be that flakey friend.

Research shows that working out with a friend can increase the intensity of your workout by up to 200% so grab a buddy and try one of these sociable sweat sessions, guaranteed to give your workout a good shake up.

Benefits of changing your gym routine

  • Reduces the likelihood of injury- switching it up can help give your overworked muscles time to recover
  • Stops you from getting bored- switching up your routine will help to keep your workouts fresh, exciting and help keep you motivated
  • Increases performance- challenging your body to something new will lead to better strength and overall performance
  • Helps to avoid plateaus- your body can get used to a routine and therefore hit a plateau, switching it up helps reduce the chance of this happening
  • Focus on all muscle groups- changing your routine allows you to focus on different muscles you were previously neglecting

How often should you change your gym routine?

If you have set yourself goals you want to smash then we would recommend that you don't change your routine too often, you still need to allow yourself enough time to work on achieving those goals. We would recommend you give a minimum of four weeks before you start changing it up

Only just getting started on your fitness journey? Join us here at Village where you can enjoy our cutting edge gym floor, heated indoor swimming pools, whirlpools, steam room and sauna. So whatever you plan to switch up your routine, we’ve got you covered.


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