The Science Behind Yoga

We all know that yoga is good for us… but do you know exactly why?

There have been numerous studies performed over the years to examine the effects of yoga. These studies have found that regular yoga can benefit a number of health factors and produce significant effects on psychological wellbeing. Here’s what you need to know…

Yoga can benefit your psychological health
Stressed? Tired? Burned out? Yoga could just be the answer! Research shows that Yoga is effective in treating emotional-stress related conditions when compared with mindful exercises such as qigong and tai chi.
Research shows the effects of yoga on depression were comparable to that of pharmacological treatment, group therapy and social support groups.
Regularly practicing yoga has the potential to improve your quality of life and ease the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

There are physiological health benefits
Yoga can do wonders for your physiological health, particularly for older adults. It can help to improve strength, cardiorespiratory function and balance.
Yoga has also been linked to improving a variety of other health outcomes including blood glucose (helping to avoid diabetes), stress indicators, cholesterol and diastolic blood pressure. Given the limited evidence to date, we are unable to determine the effects of yoga in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Can help with weight loss
Practicing yoga has been shown to be an effective method to reduce body weight in overweight adults. A study found that gradual, moderate reductions in weight and BMI were seen when Yoga was practiced for 60 minutes, three times per week for three months or more. Yoga is shown to be an appropriate and potentially successful intervention for prevention of obesity, and risk reduction for diseases in which obesity plays a significant causal role.

There are plenty of other benefits too
There is strong evidence to suggest that yoga plays a part in the reduction of lower back pain with Hatha and Restorative yoga having the highest correlation with positive outcomes for managing pain.

Yoga has also been found to help with sleep and feelings of fatigue, particularly in patients with cancer.

Yoga can be advantageous for pregnant women
Studies show that practicing yoga during pregnancy can have a number of benefits throughout the pregnancy, labour and birth.
Improvements were observed on psychological factors during pregnancy and labor, on physical and pain measures during labor and on birth weight and number of preterm births.

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