Anyone looking for the next best thing in fitness takes to the web to find the latest trends, tips and techniques from the pros.

So whether you’re on a meal prepping mission, a weight loss quest or in need of a positivity boost, Google’s got you covered.

Though not all fitness bloggers know their stuff, and it takes a pro to know one, so we’ve lined up our top picks of the best fitness bloggers out there, to help you tone up, trim down and feel awesome…

The Foodie
Em Sheldon

Blonde bombshell, Em is a blogger from Yorkshire. Aside from her award-winning blog, she is also an avid Instagrammer and Youtuber. She talks about everything from fashion, beauty, and travelling while keeping fit in the process. We love Em as she really does highlight how you can have it all, eat the pizza, indulge in that pasta as life is for living. Plus, she’s nailed healthy recipes of all those favourite sweet treats in her own book. Try healthy pancakes, lemon cake, home-made granola and gooey cookie dough balls, without the usual fat and sugar hit. Nice!

Head to Em's blog here. 

The Personal Trainer
Carly Rowena

Carly is a fitness influencer who has been in the fitness industry for a number of years. Having worked as a personal trainer for almost eight years, Carly is full of helpful advice and tips that she shares with her followers.

Carly is the definition of a female boss, as well as being a full-time mum and fitness guru. Carly has written a book all about body positivity "A heartwarming book all about how your body can be more than just your home. It can be your best friend too". And she has even brought out her own range of activewear… she really is a female boss!

Check out Carly's blog here. 

The Wellness Guru
Cat Meffan

Ex-gymnast and dancer Cat is now a yoga teacher and lover of all things wellness. She uses her blog and online platform to fulfil her mission "to enjoy a very happy and healthy life doing the things I love, whilst trying to help others make positive changes to their lives."

Yogis out there will love Cat's content, from yoga tutorials featuring meditation balance and stretching. You'll also get a glimpse into Cat's lifestyle with healthy food recipes, travel and lifestyle content. We love her vegan banana bread recipe, the perfect tasty treat.

Yogis head to Cat’s blog here.

The Legend
Joe Wicks

We couldn't possibly write the best fitness bloggers list without including Joe Wicks. Joe helped children and their parents stay fit and, quite frankly sane during the Covid pandemic. Joe's mission is "to help get people everywhere feeling fitter, healthier and happier - no matter where you are on your fitness journey."

With the best selling 'Lean in 15' books, a podcast, The Body Coach app, and a youtube channel Joe is killing the fitness game! FYI you HAVE to try his honey and almond pancakes…delicious!

Get some inspo from the legend that is Joe Wicks here.

The Life Coach
Meggan Grub

Meggan is dominating the fitness Insta community. With over 1.4 million followers and over 500,000 subscribers on Youtube, it's safe to say she is smashing it! Meg shares her love for keeping fit and eating healthy over on the gram with what I eat in a day video, workout routines, cute gym fits, and you even get a snippet into her daily life too.

Being the boss, she is Meg has more recently founded her very own app sharing her latest fitness advice, journaling, and so much more! So if you love all things fitness and fashion, meg is your one to follow. If you’re after a killer cardio session, head to Meg’s insta and find her cardio & abs challenge and really feel that burn.

Join Meg's fitness community here. 

The Summer Shredder
Gabby Allen

Gabby started her days of fame on Love Island back in 2017 and quickly built up her following as a fitness influencer and Instagram ‘one to watch’. Gabby shares her passion for all things fitness over on her Insta, with workout routines being one of her most posted content. She definitely motivates her community of fitness lovers, her honesty shines through with encouraging yet to the point “What I remind myself: CONSISTENCY. Hold yourself accountable. DISCIPLINE. Do it even when you don't want to. PATIENCE. Your hard work will pay off”.

Her hard work has paid off as having this dedicated fitness community over on Insta has led to her being able to create her own summer shred program and even bring out her own book… oh she's killing it!

If you want to see Gabby's latest workout routines and even take part in her heart pumping fitness challenges, head over to her Instagram…

The Lean Machines
John and Leo

John Chapman and Leon Bustin, are personal trainers and nutrition coaches with a decade of experience between them.

This pair will give you plenty of workout inspiration in the gym or even at home, plus debunk the many fitness myths floating around out there. Leon reminds us not to fall into the trap of fad, fast diets “Hardcore diet season 2:0 of the year is kicking into gear and I'm here to simply remind you not to cancel your life for it. Training and nutrition should always fit your lifestyle not the other way around”

Head over to their Instagram page for some light-hearted banter and fresh fitness tips…

Straight Talking Fitness Fanatic
Bradley Simmons

If you need some workout inspiration, then Bradley is your man. With a community of over 400,000 followers, Bradley shares his love of getting trim. From killer workouts reels you can get done at home to working out with your partner or bestie, there are workouts for everyone. Straight talking Bradley reminds us that we cant expect to reap results without putting in the effort “With summer approaching we are going to start hearing the same excuses from the same people. They want the results but they are not willing to put in the graft to achieve them. Are you all talk? Or are you all action”

You may also find yourself green with envy when you see Bradley's travel content… don't say we didn't warn you!

Check out his Instagram here.


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