Zumba For Weight Loss

How is Zumba good for weight loss?

If you're on a weight loss journey, hitting the gym and pounding the treadmill can be a little tedious and boring. Why not lose weight doing something you love, and zumba your way to a sleeker physique?

Make Fitness Fun

A dance-inspired fitness class like Zumba feels more like fun than a workout. Look around the studio and you'll see something you don't typically see on the gym floor... smiles. Lots of them. You're blasting the calories to your favourite tunes and smashing your weight loss goals without even noticing!

Maximise Your Time

The amount of exertion you put into a zumba class is way more than what you can get done in the gym. The mix of bodyweight training and cardio all neatly packaged into a 60 minute class means you'll maximise your workout time.  A 60 minute class burns an average of 369 calories, making it ideal for weight loss.

"It's way more fun than my usual strength training in the gym!" (An Edinburgh Zumba fan from Village Gym) 


Many of the dance steps used in our zumba routines work the hips, stomach and glutes. Strengthening these key muscles groups will help to build more muscle mass, giving you a more toned appearance. Muscle tone is very slimming! The added muscle will also speed up your metabolism, keeping you burning calories long after your zumba class is done.  

"I've noticed a difference in my muscle tone and how much tighter my thighs are." (A fan of zumba in Aberdeen


Expect to work up a sweat during your zumba class. So bring a bottle of water with you. Water helps to maintain your internal pH, keeps your metabolism running and flushes out toxins. It can also help to keep you feeling fuller and less likely to snack after your workout.

Happy Hormones

A fast paced Zumba class will put you into an endorphin-release zone.  This will improve your mood, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. the happier you feel, the more confident you will be about sticking to your weight loss goal.

Healthy Heart

Zumba will get the blood pumping throughout your body, making for a stronger immune system, which can more easily fight off disease.  A healthy body performs much better, helping you continue to perform your best and maximise your weight loss.

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