Balance Awareness Week 2020

When it comes to balance, do you have the grace of a flamingo, perfectly perched on one leg? Or are your limbs more octopus inspired?

Balance Awareness Week starts on 13th September, focussing on supporting those with less-than-perfect posture, bad backs and stiff joints.

Working from home? Sitting hunched over the kitchen table all summer may have left you in need of a little stretching. If you're one of the many that tend to cross their legs, your balance may also be a little off kilter.

Under stress? Tension can make us tighten our bodies and hold our posture incorrectly. Slumped shoulders not only make for a bad back, but they also take inches off your height! (Note to selfie lovers!)

Over the hill? The aches and pains that come with age can make us a little less limber than we'd like to be!

Not only will a regular dose of exercise help lengthen those limbs and create a sleek physique, you'll boost your balance too.


Great balance comes from the core. By strengthening the back, abs and shoulder muscles, you'll build a stronger core, leading to better balance, improved posture, greater co-ordination and less chances of hurting yourself. 

Great options for balance-boosting core workouts...

BodyBalance by Les Mills

Our BodyBalance class by Les Mills is designed to strengthen and centre the body and the mind.

Throughout this holistically inspired fitness class, we’ll work on your flexibility, through bending and stretching using a number of yoga moves, plus elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.


Ballet-inspired Barre offers a low impact workout to improve strength, tone and balance. Barre creator Diana Archer Mills says that without the traditional barre as assistance, the muscles supporting the body’s stability and strength become the focus. “It forces your body to do the work, targeting the core and accessory muscles more as you have to balance constantly.”


Our Pilates classes will help to improve your posture, align your body, improve your breathing and give you one heck of a core workout.


Attending regular yoga classes will help to improve balance and posture, making everyday activities such as lifting and reaching much easier, and also reducing the risk of falls. Studies have shown that regular yoga has drastically reduced the number of reported falls in seniors, thanks to an improvement in core strength, and therefore balance. 

Tai Chi

By regularly attending Tai Chi classes, you'll tone and sculpt a leaner body shape. You should notice that your upper and lower body feels stronger, and you stand taller, thanks to an improvement in your posture. 

Give your balance a boost and try adding a new class to your workout routine! 



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