Struggling to schedule a social sesh with your bestie and keep on track with your week?

We’ve all been there. There’s never enough time to work, train, and be social, and by the time the weekend comes by, the week is starting again with all the madness of the week before.

Take a deep breath. Take a moment. You’re doing good…

It’s good to slow down for a moment and consider how you’re actually feeling, and importantly, how a hectic routine might be slowly and steadily draining your mental resources. Breaks, especially ones which incorporate socialisation (and not just zoom calls!) are just as important as your work. At the end of the day, humans are social creatures!

But time is limited, we totally get that, so here’s an idea - team up your solo fitness routine!


Solo sessions can often feel overwhelming to those just starting their fitness journey, as can the general vastness of the gym floor. If you and/or your buddy is just a starter, a great way of keeping exercise uplifting and engaging is through a fitness class.

Lead by a professional with tons of bumping tunes, a paired up sesh is the perfect way to schedule some social sweat time. Whether it’s the encouragement of working toward shared goals, supporting each other through stress, or pushing the other through the shared exercises, the benefits of a buddy are limitless. The most significant of which is a more positive, effective, and healthier relationship to your fitness routine.

Here are some of the best classes to team up on:


Kick your workout into overdrive with martial art moves and high intensity cardio! BodyCombat is one of those classes that looks amazing but can seem quite overwhelming for a newcomer. With tons of energetic and empowering exercises it’s absolutely worth pushing past the fear and the easiest way to do that is by dragging along a friend to hold up the pads.

Who do you reckon can hit the hardest?


Do you prefer some chill tunes and straight vibing? Zumba dance classes are the perfect way to get moving and grooving. You’ll be led through choreographed routines inspired by the likes of samba, mambo, and salsa, and get a full body burn workout too!

Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert, many of our members start with two left feet and find that Zumba helps them feel more coordinated, toned, and strengthened. Zumba is another one of those classes that you just need to push past the initial intimidation and laughing along with your buddy might be just the thing.


Perhaps you’d prefer something more relaxed and posed, BodyBalance is a great class to help ease the frustrations of the week. Inspired by yoga, pilates, and tai chi, this class lets you focus on your core strength through low impact (but still challenging) poses and reps.

Since mindfulness is a really big focus at the moment, this could be the ideal way for you and your friend to take the time to slow down and reflect. Not just on your fitness but also just on yourselves.

Aqua Aerobics

Really popular across the board, aqua aerobics is a low intensity class that packs quite the splash. As a great alternative to regular sweat sessions, this pool based workout helps tone and strengthen without any potentially risky pressure upon joints.

Ideal if you or your friend are recovering from injury or don’t gravitate toward the more classic gym workouts.


Buddying up on Personal Training doesn't only add fun to your fitness session (because everything is better when shared with friends!) It’s also a great way to stay motivated and on track with your fitness.

Going to a PT by yourself might seem a bit intimidating, but it’s a great way to learn the ropes when it comes the sleek kit on the gym floor. Afterall you don’t want to end up stuck on the weights without a clue of how to best utilise all the kit we have on offer.

With a friend, you’ll be able to cater a plan together and it’s a great way to encourage confidence when trying new things outside of what already works. Difficult exercises are a lot easier to try when someone is in a similar position afterall.

Perhaps you feel a bit silly trying a new machine, perhaps you tend to get frustrated easily when you make a mistake or struggle. With a friend you can look out for each other, embrace the difficulties where and when they arise and celebrate even little successes.

After all, as any PT will tell you, it’s those little successes that lead to big wins.


The best relationships are those which encourage a positive outlook and keep you both in check when it comes to maintaining your workout.

Conditioning an accountable mindset by yourself can be near impossible (especially as the months get colder), but training with a friend requires a consistent routine and falling out of that routine doesn’t just affect you.

Beyond that, another person can help push you past personal barriers. Feel like giving up? Your bud is there, telling you to press through one more set, to spot you through those final reps. If you both like a challenge, why not establish a little friendly competition? Wage some bets like the loser buys starbucks or dinner from Pub and Grill (oh, and members get a 25% discount there so a loss wont hurt your wallet too much (just your ego)). Set incentive and expectation, and have fun doing it.


Fancy a dip?

Factoring some pool time, especially toward the end of the week, is a good way to incorporate low intensity fitness as a refreshing break from the chaos of your regular day to day.

No pressure, swimming allows you to build up your stamina and core fitness while lifting the physical and mental weight off your back. Sometimes just floating for a few minutes can really help ease the aches that have been bothering you.

And with a friend, you can use that refreshing pool time as a chance to catch up on the week. Just make sure you keep your head above water, no one likes the taste of chlorine.

So regardless of your fitness, take your sweat time and make it social!

Afterall, time and time again studies have shown that training with others encourages a matching of intensity and a celebration of overcoming. You support each other as you workout, and those bonds help establish an exercise routine that is fulfilling and effective.


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