The Best Classes To Do With Friends

If you and your friends love throwing shapes to a pumping playlist, you'll love the range of trendy new dance-inspired workouts taking the fitness arena by storm.

Last year, we converted thousands of members into dance class fans, by encouraging them to work out with their buddies. They enjoyed a motivational boost, more commitment to their goals and more fun to their fitness routine. Because what's not to love about getting your dance on with your bestie?

Many of our members don't get their fitness kicks on the gym floor. They need a hot playlist, feel-good moves and to dance like no-one's watching. 

So grab a buddy and try one of these sociable sweat-sessions, guaranteed to give your workout a good shake up.


Dance your way to a sleeker physique, with Zumba.  Ideal for beginners, gym newcomers or even those with two left feet. You’ll perform choreographed dance moves, led by a Village Gym instructor to help you find your way. With moves inspired by samba, mambo and salsa, this is a great way to blitz calories, whilst having fun with friends. 

Go as fast or as slow as you can handle, as you Zumba your way through a cardio session that will work every major muscle group, improving flexibility and boosting your energy levels too.

Get ready to shake those hips!


The perfect combination of musicdance and cardiovascular exercise, our BodyJam™ class is ideal for friends that love to get their groove on.

Throw shapes to the latest dance tunes, led by one of our expert fitness instructors, for a full body, cardio boosting, fat-burning workout. A great choice for those looking to tone their lower body and lift that booty!

It’s just as much about having a great time as it is getting fit. What’s not to love?


HIIT Step is a 30 minute HIIT class choreographed to bespoke soundtracks created by some of the UK’s top House DJs. Great for groups of pals that love Saturday nights on the dancefloor and feel-good house tunes.

This fat-blasting class has been developed using the expertise and experience from those that have competed for and worked with Team GB.


Our Barre workouts, designed by Les Mills, are accessible to all fitness and flexibility levels. Many of our more senior members love this ballet inspired workout with friends.

Combining classic ballet positions with high repetitions of slight movements using very light weights, Barre can improve posture and help shape your body. New to the club? Barre is a great place to start on the group fitness scene. 


Dance workout, Sh'Bam™, is a fun and insanely-addictive fitness class. Your instructor will guide you through simple (yet sassy) dance moves, all set to a party playlist.

Great for all fitness levels, and even more fun when you bring along a buddy, Sh'Bam™ is a full-body workout that will tone, shape and leave feeling pretty darn happy too!

If you've found something you think you'll love to add some groove to your goals, log into the Village Gym member's area to book your class online!





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