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Your job, family, fitness, a busy social life … when you’re juggling the lot, visiting the gym can be the first thing to go out the window. Throw in local lockdowns, social distancing and self-isolation and that workout quickly falls by the wayside.

We had a chat with three instructors from Les Mills to find out how they fit their fitness into the day. No matter how hectic your schedule is, if you’re keen to stay healthy at home, here’s how Les Mills On Demand offers workouts to suit your world.

Managing a hectic job?

People with jobs in all manner of industries have seen their working lives shaken up by COVID. Many of us are working longer hours and with the added stress of the pandemic, we’re left with little time and energy to prioritise fitting in a work out. Missing out on those all important exercise induced endorphins, will only make the situation worse, leaving you feeling flat and unmotivated.
Les Mills instructor Ben is often on the road, traveling locally and internationally to help train and inspire instructors. This makes daily gym sessions tough, so when he’s away, Ben says, setting a workout routine is key – and On Demand BodyPump is his go-to.

“I find a 30-minute BodyPump workout always leaves you feeling fatigued in the best way. Knowing you only have 30 minutes is a big incentive to commit to every rep and get the most out of every moment. It makes me focus that much harder and drives my determination a whole lot more.”

Ben says finding the motivation comes down to thinking about how it will make him feel “It’s always about how I’ll feel, not how I look. To get into the headspace, I visualize ripping through that workout.”

If like Ben you need a quick and highly effective workout to squeeze into your day- try a Les Mills BodyPump class via the Village Gym app and workout from the comfort of your own living room. Sacrifice just half an hour of your hectic day and feel the benefits of that amazing post-workout high!

Juggling a busy family life?

With lockdown measures now back in place in many areas of the UK, it’s not always possible to find the childcare to allow you to head off for your usual sweat session at the gym. After a stressful day of finding ways to occupy the kids, Les Mills instructor Kayla’s favorite way to destress is with an express workout session.

“On Demand workouts are just great for the times when you don’t feel like facing the world, or if I am short for time and want a quick stretch or sweat session in the comfort of my own home.”

“It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you feel comfortable and have a stable area. Somewhere away from the business of life and people is preferable.

When the kids are in bed, why not try a quick 30 minute Grit Cardio class, with no equipment necessary it uses a variety of body weight exercises at different intensities for a full body workout that really packs a punch!”

Stuck in self-isolation?

Two weeks of self-isolation is enough to give anyone cabin fever but if you’re a regular gym goer with an active lifestyle, it might well send you insane! Doing what is asked of us to stop the spread of the virus is our number one priority, but it’s also important to look after your mental wellbeing whilst couped up at home. Our brand new On Demand workouts include all of your favourite Village Gym and Les Mills classes, to keep the cabin fever at bay.

Les Mills Instructor Kayla says the best thing about many of the classes, is that you don’t need any equipment – so there’s nothing stopping you from keeping up your activity levels whilst you’re hunkered down at home.

Depending on your mood, we have classes to suit all fitness levels. Take it easy with a gentle Barre session or ramp up the cardio with BodyAttack, the options are endless!

Night owl?

For many people working from home has blurred the line between when work ends and your chill time begins, which can make it impossible to switch off in the evenings and get a decent night’s kip!

After you’re done for the day, fitting in a quick workout or stretch session can help to clear your head and break up your routine into work and home time. Les Mills instructor Khiran says “It’s daunting trying to fit exercising into all the other things you have to do. With access on my terms, I’m in control of my health and wellbeing and I love it.”

BodyBalance leaves me with a calm mind, body and soul. It helps me reconnect all three, so I am more in tune with myself and the present moment. When I'm present and connecting to my senses my heart rate lowers and within seconds I am less stressed. This is a major benefit for mental wellbeing.”

A BodyBalance session can help you to switch off from work and improve the quality of that all important sleep.

Whether you’re struggling to prioritise working out around work and your kids or whether you’re stuck indoors isolating and suffering from cabin fever, our in-club and on demand classes offer plenty to keep you fit.

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