Workplace Wellness

Every day, Brits in their thousands head to the office (or home office), where they’ll sit for eight hours, staring at screens, tapping at keyboards and usually opting for the lift rather than taking the stairs. (Yes, we see you. But we're not here to judge.)

Encouraging wellness in the workplace can be extremely beneficial for employers. The endorphins released when we get our sweat on lead to better self-confidence, more energy and less stress. The result... more happiness all round!

Fit and healthy employees are also much less likely to take sick days. Their immune systems are better at fending off the typical office viruses that make their way around. So,  if something nasty is floating about the office, those with lower stress levels will be far less likely to fall ill.

Many businesses are now encouraging staff to get a little wellness throughout the working day. Not only does this result in less duvet days, it also helps boost team morale, improve concentration and decrease stress levels.

There are a number of other ways businesses can help inject a little wellness into the workplace.  We take a look...

  • Organise meetings outside and get down to business in the great outdoors. Fresh air is great way for concentration and getting the creative ideas flowing. For team meetings, make it a walk rather than a sit down do. Best for smaller groups, (unless you want the rest of the building to wonder why the whole office is pacing the perimeter) walk and talk to get your steps in and the heart pumping. 
  • Arrange the office in a way that encourages people to get up from their desks more to avoid long periods of sitting. Top tip: put the most used items furthest away, such as the photocopier, the kettle or the phone charger cables!
  • Many companies now have office sports teams or take part in charity fundraisers to keep up their fitness in the workplace.
  • Many office diets aren’t always the picture of health! An abundance of pastries, microwave meals and sugary snacks makes office workers lethargic, lack concentration and pile on the pounds! Start a healthy recipe exchange or have themed lunches where you can encourage something a little more saintly for the serial snackers!
  • Partner with a gym to offer free passes or discount coupons for your staff. These could be for gym membership or day passes, which could be used as incentives for high performance teams.
  • Offer employees a chance to learn about their health status with DNA screening.
  • Encourage employees to indulge in a healthier work/life balance. Take the team out for a lunch at the Village Pub & Grill.
  • Reward your Employee of the Month or highest performing sales team with a gym day pass to show your thanks for their target-busting efforts. 
  • Save headscratching on what to buy for the office birthday boy or girl. Put that team contribution towards a gym membership or relaxing weekend away.
  • Organise workout groups to get your sweat on in the gym with your colleagues. Research shows that those who work out in groups feel more motivated to stick to an exercise regime.

However you create a healthy dose of wellness in your workplace, the benefits are big. Happy staff, productive teams and bigger results.

Join us now to get your sweat on at your local Village Gym. Better still, if you work for the NHS, emergency services, armed forces, a large enterprise, select local business or on specific business parks located near our Clubs then you could be entitled to our corporate membership. Our corporate membership gives you 30 days free, a discounted monthly membership and you pay just a £10 joining fee, you find out more here


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