Eating To Excess?

A third of people in the UK under estimate how many calories they’re taking in, according to an analysis of Office of National Statistics data.

The data suggests that men eat more than 3,000 calories a day while claiming to eat a more lean 2,000.

Women claim to eat around 1,500 calories while actually getting almost 2,500 a day.

The recommended daily calorie allowance is 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women. The study of more than 4,000 people looked into energy expenditure and how accurately we report what we’re eating.

Public Health England chief nutritionist Dr Alison Tedstone said under-reporting of calorie intakes has always been a feature of all diet surveys.

“Some people forget what they’ve consumed and some change what they record knowing they are part of a survey. There’s no way to get rid of under-reporting, but the steps we take to minimise it makes the National Diet and Nutrition Survey the most robust data on the population’s diet.”

Public Health England recommends breaking down our daily calories into around 400 for breakfast and 600 calories each for lunch and dinner, with a few extra drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Though we eat more than we actually need thanks to the abundance of convenient foods available to us. We work more, leaving less time for exercise. Plus, when we fall of the wagon, the gym just doesn't seem so exciting any more! (Read our other blog and you'll find our tips to boost your motivation).

Throw in the tendency for much larger portion sizes than we’d make for ourselves at home and it’s easy to be quickly thrown off balance when trying to keep tabs on how many calories we’re eating.

It’ not just a case of getting our calories from food. We’re also ignoring those we quaff, in the form of wine (one glass containing up to 250 calories), fruit juices packed with sugar and that daily coffee to get us going in the morning (we won’t mention the whipped cream and caramel syrup… you get the picture).

Need a little help working off the excess? We take a look at a few ways you can whip your workout routine into shape...

Time It Right

Hectic working schedules and social commitments make it hard to cram a gym session into your day. So make it work for you. If you're a social butterfly, plan your training sessions in the morning to kickstart your day.

Love a post-work tipple? Consider a lunchtime workout.

Check out our tips on when you should workout.

Eat Light

It's always possible to treat yourself without going full throttle. Opt for a lighter version of your favourite pub dish. Swap the sides for a salad, hold the sauce... or treat yourself to a light bite.

Buddy Up

Research suggests that working out with a friend could boost your workout intensity and duration by up to 200%. It also makes it much harder to shrug off the gym in favour of an afternoon tipple and those pesky extra calories!

Shout For Support

Our Personal Trainers will work with you to track what you're eating, and ensure you're doing enough to burn off the excess. 

Increase the efficiency of your gym sessions and maximise your workout time to achieve your fitness goals with one of our expert Personal Trainers. Contact your local club to find out more about Personal Training sessions.

Opt For An Orientation

Our Fitness Orientations aren't just for new members, they're a great way to kickstart your dwindling regime, and track your progress as you go. 

Your trainer will help plan a 6 week fitness programme that's not only realistic for your goals, but enjoyable enough to ensure you stick at it. Tracking what you take in as well as what you put out is the key to success. To book your Fitness Orientation, visit the Gym Reception or call us to book

Reward Yourself!

Of course, a little excess can be a good thing. Reap the rewards of your workout with our 30 day rewards scheme. Simply use any of our facilities 20 times within 30 days, and we'll enter you into a prize draw to win something lovely to indulge in!

  • Complete your free Fitness Orientation
  • Try A Personal Training Session
  • Dine in our Pub or Restaurant (with 25% off!)
  • Refuel after your workout at Starbucks

... the perfect way to reward your hard work. 


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