Like Ducks To Water

According to a 2017 report by the Water Safety Review Group 1 in 3 children leave primary school in the UK unable to swim one length of the pool.

The ability to swim provides your child with the live savings skills they need to protect themselves from potential danger in deep water. Whether that’s a splash in the bath or a dip in the sea on that annual family vay-cay. Children with swimming skills not only have a reduced risk of drowning, they also develop self-confidence and motivation too. All those laps do wonders for their self esteem!

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Baby & Children's Swimming Lessons at Village Gym

Teaching your child to swim takes patience. Those that have tried will know the dilemma that comes trying to encourage a crying tot who’s not too happy to take to the water. Naturally, when our little angels are in distress, we want to rescue them! Though parental instincts can often get in the way of breaking through that confidence barrier.

Our chosen partners, Swimtime are the largest independent swim school in the UK. A dedicated team of industry experts with a savvy for getting even the most nervous nippers comfortable in the water.

The Swimtime team are on hand at your Village Gym, for swimming lessons for children of all ages.

Baby Swimtime

Swimtime Swimbabies classes are for you as well as your child. This helps your little one to feel fully at ease whilst they gets to grips with taking a dip.

Perfect for under fours, it’s a great class for some bonding time with baby, as well as other parents. Many of our members plan their swimming sessions with others for a little social time whilst they swim.

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Toddlers Swimming 

Swimtots classes are great for kids aged 2 to 4. Focussed on learning through play, your little ones will be introduced to swimming strokes whilst enjoying the feeling of the water and playing games to bring out their confidence. You’ll be in the water with them too, for plenty of parent/toddler fun!

Swimming Classes For Kids

Children’s classes are available, broken down based on experience and ability, to ensure all tastes and preferences are covered.  From beginners getting to grips with wearing armbands, to improver classes for kids keen to work on their swimming badges, we even have a master class for swimmers keen to push their own boundaries, covering survival and rescue skills.

Something For You?

Of course, swimming lessons aren’t just for the little people. Adult swimming lessons are a great way to work on your own technique, improve your stroke or incorporate swimming into your overall fitness plan.

Classes are available at selected Village Gyms throughout the UK. Find out more...

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